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Best American Songs List

Enter the Enchanting World of  American Songs. United States of America has the reputation of a distinguished nation all around the world on many bases and rich cultural heritage is one of them. Whenever we talk about cultural heritage, we never forget talking about songs and music that are the most integral part of cultural heritage. It is said that various aspects of cultural heritage determine the depth of civilization of that particular state or country.

Best American Songs

Quite acceptably, USA songs are of very rich quality and they are sufficient in determining a high position US Cultural heritage. American songs includes variety of songs: Pop, Rock, Metal, Country, Hip Hop, R&B, Folk, Blues, Reggae and Classical If you really love to listen to some great music then you cannot avoid listening to classical US songs. These songs feature all the aspects f great music that make them rich and varied by nature. The American singers and music composers have a very deep sense of music that helps them to create some great music. Here is the list of Great American Songs.

List of Best American Songs – Top American Girl Songs 2015

“Circles” – Swan Songs Rarities EP
“Christmas in Hollywood” Single
“Knife Called Lamericant” – Swan Songs B-Sides EP
“California” -swan Songs
“Comin’ In Hot” – american Tragedy
“Bullet” – american Tragedy
“Lump Your Head” – american Tragedy
“Gangsta Sexy” – american Tragedy
“Dead Bite” – Notes from the Underground
“Apologize”- american Tragedy
“Hear Me Now” – american Tragedy
“Bottle and a Gun” – Swan Songs
“I Don’t Wanna Die” – american Tragedy
“Delish” – Notes from the Underground
“Dove and Grenade” – Desperate Measures
“City” – Swan Songs
“I Am” – Notes from the Underground

List of Best American Songs Continues…

“Bitches” – Swan Songs Rarities EP
“El Urgencia” – Desperate Measures
“Black Dahlia” – Swan Songs
“From the Ground” – Notes from the Underground
“Been to Hell” -american Tragedy
“Everywhere I Go (Castle Renholder remix)” – Desperate Measures
“Black Dahlia” (Buffalo Bill remix)” – Black Dahlia Remixes EP
“Glory” – american Tragedy
“Believe” -Notes from the Underground
“Le Deux” – american Tragedy
“Bad Town” -Desperate Measures
“Levitate” –  Need for Speed: Shift 2 Soundtrack
“Another Way Out” – Notes from the Underground
“Kill Everyone” – Notes from the Underground
“Everywhere I Go” -Swan Songs

The legendary singers and music composers have helped US songs rank higher in the order as far as world music is concerned. The richness of American songs can be experienced by both vocal and instrumental parts of the music. Since most of American songs are created in English so they are listened to by a large number of listeners who have a deeper understanding of English music. You may live in any part of the world but if you have taste of American songs then no one can stop you from getting your favorite songs.

Top American Songs

You can either buy them directly from the music stores at your own place or can purchase through online stores. You need to search these songs first and you can do it easily by searching them by the name of the albums or by the name of the singers. However, you can enter the world of never-ending American songs if you have the access to the Internet. You can search, find, download, and stores these songs as per your own choice. Hope you must have enjoyed the list of American Songs.

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