Best Avril Lavigne Songs List 2014 – Top 10 Latest Music Albums For Ever

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Avril Lavigne Songs-Wait is Nearly Over For her New Songs

The world has witnessed the natural talent and performances of quite a few legendary singers, both male and female. These singers are known for their own genres and also for the songs that they sang during their life time. Avril Lavigne songs are accepted as one of the most popular songs sung by a female singer from all over the world. She was born in Ontario in Canada but her career in singing and song writing flourished in the United States of America.

avril lavigne songs list 2015

She is a very busy performer and she has created a record of selling more than 50 million singles in the world market. The popularity of Avril Lavigne songs is not a fluke. The popular Avril Lavigne songs are available on the Internet. As a matter of fact, the singer posts most of her new albums on the Internet first. Keeping the same track, she is going to launch her new album on the Internet very soon and the newest Avril Lavigne songs are likely to hit the world market on November 5, 2013.

Best Avril Lavigne Songs List 2015 – Top 10 Latest Music Albums

Complicated -2002
Goodbye -2011
The Best Damn Thing -2007
What The Hell -2011
I Love You -2011
I’m With You -2002
Everybody Hurts -2011
My Happy Ending -2004
Unwanted -2002
Sk8er Boi -2002
My World -2002
When You’re Gone -2007
Naked -2002 – Avril Lavigne Songs
Wish You Were Here -2011
How Does It Feel -2004
Girlfriend -2007
Nobody’s Fool -2002
Smile -2011 – Avril Lavigne Songs
Who Knows -2004
Nobody’s Home -2004
Stop Standing There -2011
Hot -2007
Not Enough -2011
Losing Grip -2002

Best Avril Lavigne Songs List continues…

I Can Do Better -2007
Keep Holding On -2006
Remember When -2011
Don’t Tell Me -2004
Tomorrow -2002
Innocence -2007
He Wasn’t -2004
Things I’ll Never Say -2002
Get Over It (demo version)2002
Anything But Ordinary -2002
Why (bonus track)2002
Bad Reputation – (bonus track)2011
Fall to Pieces -2004
Darlin -2011 – Avril Lavigne Songs
Contagious -2007
Push (Acoustic Version)2011
Push -2011 – Avril Lavigne Songs
Alone (bonus track)2007
Together -2004
I Don’t Give – (demo version)2002
Black Star2011
Mobile -2002
Slipped Away -2004
4 Real -2011
Runaway -2007
Losing Grip [Live] -2008
Forgotten -2004
Adia (MSN Control Room)2008
Too Much To Ask -2002
Hot (MSN Control Room)2008
Freak Out -2004 – Avril Lavigne Songs
Take Me Away -2004

Best Avril Lavigne Songs List continues…

Best Damn Thing [Album Version]2008
Bonus Material [DVD]- 2007
One of Those Girls -2007
Losing Grip (MSN Control Room) – 2008
Innocence (MSN Control Room)2008
Bad Reputation Video Montage2008
Everything Back But You -2007
I Don’t Have to Try -2007
Alice (Extended Version)2011
I Always Get What I Want – (bonus track)2004
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door -2004
Wish You Were Here (Acoustic Version)2011
What The Hell (Acoustic Version)2011
Nobody’s Home [Live Acoustic]2005
Avril on Drums2008
Best Damn Dance Break2008
Girlfriend (MSN Control Room)2008
Hot [Live] -2008
Innocence [Live] -2008
Everything Back But You – 2007
Sk8er Boi (MSN Control Room)2008
Best Damn Thing2007

This album features some more legendary singers like David Hodges, Martin Johnson, and also her husband Chad Kroeger. Most of the new Avril Lavigne Songs are taken from her own book of composition. The latest Album of Avril Lavigne songs are likely to create the same magic upon her admirers. These songs are based upon her strongholds like Pop songs and Rock and Roll songs.

The composition of music is quite outstanding and the participating artists have shown their great amount of satisfaction towards the class of these Avril Lavigne songs. This album was recorded in Log Angeles this summer. The singer has shown her optimism over the possible success of this new album. If you are a true admirer of Avril songs then wait till the new wave hits the Internet. Hope you must have enjoyed the list of Avril Lavigne Songs.

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