Best Drinking Songs List – Emotions of Human Heart

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Drinking Songs Reveal the secret Emotions of Human Heart

Enjoying the moments of joy can be different for different people. Some people celebrate their happiness inn the company of their loved ones, whereas some others prefer to stay with their friends and drink wine. Drinking is a very popular way of celebrating the happier moments of life. However, very few people are aware of the fact that  drinking is also a very good way to overcome the sadder moments of life.

Best Drinking Songs List 2015

These moments often leave people in total distress where they can find themselves absolutely alone. Nevertheless, they can always find the drinking songs by their side. As the name tells, the drinking songs are special songs that depict the act of drinking wine either alone or in the company of others. Without getting carried away emotionally and deciding whether drinking is right or not, it can be accepted that the drinking songs are extremely emotional songs that make people full of sadder feelings and emotions. Here is the list of top drinking songs to enjoy your club party.

Best Drinking Songs List – Latest Drinking Music 2015

1.    Drinkin’ My Way Back Home – Gene Watson
2.    Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off – Joe Nichols
3.    Engineers’ Drinking Songs
4.    She Only Smokes When She Drinks – Joe Nichols
5.    Fifteen Beers Ago – Ben Colder
6.    Home for a Rest” by Spirit of the West
7.    Have a Drink on Me by AC/DC
8.    Beer in Mexico — Kenny Chesney
9.    The World Needs A Drink – Terri Clark
10.  I Love This Bar — Toby Keith
11.  One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer — George Thorogood
12.  Drinkin’ My Way Back Home – Gene Watson
13.  I Ain’t Drunk (I’m Just Drinking) – Albert Collins
14.  All Summer Long by Kid Rock
15.  Pretty Good at Drinkin’ Beer – Billy Currington
16.  All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down – Hank Williams
17.  Rednecks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer – Johnny Russell
18.  Little Brown Jug – Popular Drinking Songs
19.  Whiskey River — Willie Nelson
20.  Here Stands the Glass – Webb Pierce
21.  Whiskey in the Jar

List of Top Drinking Songs continues…

22.  Two More Bottles Of Wine – Emmylou Harris
23.  I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink — Merle Haggard
24.  Whiskey Hangover by Godsmack
25.  Wine Into Water – T. Graham Brown
26.  He Drinks Tequila, She Talks Dirty in Spanish
27.  Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On – Neal McCoy
28.  Seven Drunken Nights – Famous Drinking Songs
29.  I Gotta Get Drunk – George Jones, Haggard & Nelson
30.  The World Needs A Drink – Terri Clark
31.  There’s a Tear in My Beer — Hank Williams Sr.
32.  Tennessee Whiskey – George Jones
33.  Drink Drank Drunk by Hellyeah
34.  Who Will Buy The Wine – Charlie Walker
35.  Drinkin’ My Baby Goodbye — Charlie Daniels
36.  The Irishman Who Doesn’t Drink – Andrew McKee
37.  Bar Room Buddies – Merle Haggard and Clint Eastwood
38.  Beer For My Horses — Toby Keith/Willie Nelson
39.  Beer Is Good – Psychostick – Best Drinking Songs
40.  Too Drunk by Buckcherry
41.  Pretty Good at Drinkin’ Beer – Billy Currington
42.  Whiskey If You Were A Woman – Highway 101
43.  Brass Monkey by Beastie Boys
44.  Don’t Take My Whiskey Away – Wynonie Harris
45.  California Drinking Song

As a matter of fact, these songs are written and sung in such a manner that they seem to understand the innermost feelings of the person who id drinking to overcome the sad moments. These songs are available in almost all the languages in the world. You can find many memorable drinking songs in popular movies as well. If you are fond of listening to the great songs, then you must listen to the drinking songs once and be sure that you would fall in love with them right after listening to one only.

You can find these songs everywhere and in almost all the major languages in the world. You can search them in the local music store or even at the online store of the major music companies. You can find the video albums of the best of drinking songs. In case you wish to buy such an album, then you can ask them by name or find them on the Internet. More latest drinking songs would be listed soon.Thanks for spending your valuable time for the list of best drinking songs.

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