Best Salsa Songs List 2015 – Top New Latin Music Hits

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Top Features of Salsa Songs

In this age of entertainment, people have been paying a great attention towards songs and music. The songs are the purest form of music that create a world of its own. At present, songs are categorized under various genres. Every genre has its own features. These features make these songs more and more attractive and the listeners love to listen to them whenever they get a chance to listen to them. Among many such genres, Salsa Songs are probably the most popular one. These are the songs that have some unforgettable features. Some of these features are as follows:

Best Salsa Songs List 2015

Energy: These songs have great energy that make them favorite to the listeners to the younger generation. It is because of this energy level, these songs are reckoned as the best dance songs. The dancers get motivated by the high energy level. Here is the list of Best Salsa Songs which are very much popular all over the world.

List of  Best Salsa Songs – Top New Latin Music 2015

Fruko y sus Tesos – El preso
Grupo Niche – Hagamos lo que dice el corazón
Victor Manuelle – Dile a ella
Las Guanabanas-Pa la disco – Salsa Songs
El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico – Me liberé
It’s a Man’s World – Ray Santiago
Anacaona – Fania All Stars & Cheo Feliciano
Joe Arroyo – Rebelión – Salsa Songs
Richie Rey Y Bobby Cruz – Yo Soy La Salsa
Johnny Pacheco – Agua de clavelito
Adalberto Alvarez – Deja la Mala Noche
Willie Colón & Rubén Blades – Tiburón
Los Van Van – Llegó Los Van Van
Fania All Stars & Cheo Feliciano – Anacaona
Amor perfecto – el gran combo de puerto rico
Yo soy la zarza – Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz
Willie González – Pequeñas cosas

List of  Best Salsa Songs Continues…

Sonora Ponceña – Hachero pa’ un palo
Solo he vivido – Corporación Latina
Se Me Ha Cansado El Alma – Yoskar Sarente
Anthony Cruz – Me gustas – Salsa Songs
Que Salga El Sol Por Donde Qui – El Arrebato
Oscar D’León – Detalles – Salsa Songs
Celia Cruz – Que le den candela
Gilberto Santa Rosa – Conciencia
Roberto Roena – Marejada feliz
Ray Barretto – Indestructible
Jose Alberto El Canario- La Paella
Monchi y Alexandra-No puedo vivir asi
Pochy Y Su Coco Band- Salsa Con Coco
Que le den candela – Celia Cruz
La Salsa Trago Yo – La Sonora Carruseles

Rhythm: Coupled with high level of energy, rhythm is yet another feature of these Salsa songs. This aspect has a deep impact upon the dancers as it motivates them to move their feet in the most synchronized manner. They follow the rhythm through the movement of their feet and also in the remaining part of their body. Due to the perfect rhythm and synchronization, most of the fitness clubs also make use of the Salsa songs to enhance the body fitness of the learners.

Speed and music: These two are probably the most important part of these Salsa songs. The singers and music composers pay a lot of attention towards the speed and music of these songs. The music is the soul of this popular genre of songs. The music of the popular Salsa songs is gentle and good to the ears. However, there are some exceptional songs that the have louder music and that is quite popular among the listeners too. Thanks for being with us for the list of top salsa songs.

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