List of Best Usher Songs 2015 – Top Latest Upcoming New Albums

by Top 10 Songs and Movies List 2015 on April 15, 2014

Salient Features of Usher Songs List 2015

Usher Songs: Usher Raymond IV or Usher has been a popular American singer who has earned a great name among the contemporary popular English singers. He has made himself an immortal singer and whenever people would make a list of the most accomplished performers in English popular songs, then the name of Usher should never be forgotten. Many of popular Usher songs have made their lace among the top countdown charts that many renowned companies like Billboard and MTV.

Best Usher Songs List 2015

The Usher Songs have great character that makes them more popular among his listeners. Firstly, the Usher songs are based on popular genres like Hip Hop, R&B, and Dance songs. These genres are very popular among the listeners. Secondly, the songs are written and composed in the most attractive ways that make them worth listening to. The singer is mainly responsible for the composition of these Usher Songs. It is worth mentioning that Usher himself is an accomplished singer and songwriter. Here is the list of Best Usher Songs.

List of Best Usher Songs – Latest Upcoming Albums 2015

Confessions Part I
Confessions Part II
Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love
Get In My Car
Doin The Most
Dirty Dancer
Follow Me – Usher Songs
Every Little Step
Final Goodbye
Hottest Thing
Forever Young
Hot Tottie
Good Ol Ghetto
What Happened to U
U Don’t Have To Call
How Do I Say
You Make Me Wanna
Here I Stand
What’s A Man To Do
I Can’t Let U Go
Truth Hurts
Hot Thing
Say the Words
I Don’t Know
You Took My Heart
I’ll Make It Right
Will Work For Love
Jolly Dance
Oh My Gosh
There Goes My Baby

List of Best Usher Songs continues…

Looking 4 Myself
Sins of My Father
Love You Gently
Something Special
Just Like Me
Somebody To Love
Moving Mountains
Thats What Its Made For
Lay You Down
Simple Things
Lemme See
The Many Ways
Nice And Slow
She Don’t Know
Trading Places
One Day You’ll Be Mine
Take Your Hand
Lil Freak
Secret Garden
Keep Dreamin
Love In This Club
Mars Vs. Venus
Love Was Here
Lessons for the Lover
Next Contestant
Prayer For You Interlude

Top Usher Albums List 2015

more Usher Songs would be added in the list of Usher Songs.

Thirdly, the listeners to these songs find great energy in them. These songs have great energy level that make the listeners enjoy them by getting engrossed in them totally. As these genres are perfect for all popular forms of western dance forms, so the dance schools use them for training their aspiring students. Most of the western dance academies have a good collection of these songs. Fourthly, the singer has created some amazing videos featuring some legendary singer, dancers, and performers like Michael Jackson, Jermaine Dupri, Justin Beiber, and Lil John.

Most of these albums are very popular among the fans of Usher and that is why they love to listen to them whenever they get time to spare. Due to great features of the singer, his songs have been nominated for many prestigious awards like Grammy Awards. He has won quite a few awards from the MTV and Billboard for claiming top positions in the countdown shows. Thanks for spending your valuable time for the list of Usher Songs.

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