How to Choose the Best Fitness Equipment

How to choose the best fitness equipment


Home gyms – great idea for strength training with home gym equipment

Home gyms are the best way to work out for people with hectic social calendars. If you decide that home gym equipment is your fitness solution, the first concern will be the purpose of your gym. If you are planning your home gym equipment for strength training, then you must read up on related information on strength training equipment while setting up your personal home exercise equipment. The location of home gyms is also important and you can consider the basement or a spare bedroom for setting up your strength training home exercise equipment.

Home gyms should always be in an inviting location with clean gym floors and sufficient light. Strength training will make you sweat a lot, so also keep fresh air in mind. In addition a well ventilated room is also safe for your home gym equipment as it doesn’t allow dampness to settle in. You can also add gym mats and other accessories to make your home exercise equipment a total gym.

Multi-station home gyms provide health club quality strength training in the comfort of your home. Depending on the model you can get over 50 exercises in your single home gym equipment. This offers strength and conditioning exercises with just one machine. A total gym offers a complete strength training workout for the entire body and is designed to simulate the use of free weights.

Some popular brands that sell home gyms are BodySolid, PowerTec, Nautilus, Weider and Xpress. You can get your strength training and other home gym equipment online as well to save time and money.

Exercise bikes-both spinning bikes as well as a stationary bike are a popular choice of home exercise equipment

Exercise bikes have been are popular as home exercise equipment for many years. The stationary exercise bike was being used long before treadmills, elliptical trainers or rowing machines came into the market. There is the stationary bike and the more modern spinning bikes available in the market. Exercise bikes provide an effective cardiovascular workout for people of all fitness levels and do not put as much stress on joints as some other equipment can. You can read up on exercise bike reviews online before deciding to go for spinning bikes or a stationary bike.

You can find top rated exercise bikes in India here.

If you are not sure what fitness equipment to buy, then exercise bikes are often the safe choice. The stationary bike is the easiest to use for most people as the motion is similar to a pedal bike. You can also use recumbent exercise bikes while watching TV, which helps pass the time and adds to the enjoyment of working out. Or you can try out the trendy spinning bikes, a modification of the exercycle made famous by Johnny G.

Exercise bikes come in various price ranges and the more you pay for these exercise machines the more features you can expect to get. Just like the traditional stationary bike, some of the contemporary spinning bikes also offer adjustable resistance and adjustable seats. Some of the more advanced features of an exercise bike can include: Visual display consoles showing readings for time, distance, speed, calories burned, pulse / heart rate level, revs per minute and minutes per mile. You can get all these features on discount fitness equipment online. Some common brands are Tunturi, Schwinn, Life Cycle, Diamondback and Proform.


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