List of Best Disco Songs 2015 – Top 10 Latest Disco Party Music

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The Reasons Behind the Worldwide Popularity of Disco Songs

The popular English music has many generations and Disco Music is certainly more popular than most other genres. The Disco Songs are extraordinarily popular in most of the countries in the world. The height of popularity of these songs can be imagined by the fact that these countries have their own variations where language plays a very important role.

List of best disco songs 2015

These variations have the same features of traditional Disco Songs and that is why listeners to these songs can enjoy the actual sensation through their own version of Disco Songs. The Disco songs have quite a few attractive features that make them more and more attractive. The faster beats of these songs is probably the most important feature that you can easily enjoy. These beats are usually created by the use of some traditional music instruments like Keyboards, Drums, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Synthesizer. Here is the list of best Disco Songs.

List of Best Disco Songs 2015 – Top 10 Latest Disco Music

DiscoRocks – Midnight Man  (Vocal Mix)
Guinevere – Crazy Crazy  (Dave Audé Explicit Club Mix)
Penny Foster – Castles (Extended Mix)
Markus Schulz Presents Dakota – Saints  (Extended Mix)
Bustadoug – Habit (Original Mix)
Lil Jon ft LMFAO – Drink   (Sidney Samson Remix)
Rubicon 7 – Anybody But You (SpekrFreks Remix)
Deborah Cox – If It Wasn’t For Love  (Papercha$er Remix)
Plumb ft Daniel Haseltine – Drifting  (Loverush UK! Club Mix)
Taio Cruz ft Flo Rida – Hangover  (Jump Smokers Extended)
Chris Lake – Sundown  (Original Mix)
The Stereo Flow – Do It (Over Again) (Extended)
Lady GaGa – Marry The Night  (R3hab Remix)
Melanie Fiona – 4 AM  (Audien Club Mix)
The Candy Dealers – Danger Zone (Dub Mix)
Kaskade ft Mindy Gledhill – Eyes  (R3hab Remix)
orcelain Black – Naughty Naughty  (Razor N Guido Club Remix)
Mat Trouble – Bassline Whorror (Original Mix)
RhythmDB ft John O. – (Strugglin’)

Top 10 Latest Dance Party Club Songs

Route Too Far – Night To Remember  (Extended Mix)
Laurent Wery ft Dev & Swiftkid – Hey Hey Hey (Pop Another Bottle)
Florence & The Machine – Shake It Out (Benny Benassi Vocal Mix)
Gloria Estefan – Hotel Nacional  (Ralphi Rosario Vocal Mix)
Hyena Stomp – Running   (Emanuele Esposito & Leonardo GloVibes Remix)
Rubicon 7 – Anybody But You (Extended Mix)
Denis Naidanow ft Juan Magan – Shuri Shuri (Crazy) (Bodybangers Remix)
Havana Brown ft Pitbull – We Run The Night  Mark Picchiotti (Club Mix)
Timbaland ft Pitbull & David Guetta – Pass At Me  (Tommy Trash Remix)
Liz Primo – Wind Me Up   (Dark Intensity Remix)
Madonna – Girl Gone Wild   (Dave Audé Remix)

The modern singers of Disco Songs have introduced quite a few more instruments that have been extremely successful indeed. These newly-introduced instruments include Flute, Percussion, and Piano. The Disco songs have highest amount of energy and that is why they are accepted as perfect dance songs too. All sorts of parties including night club parties, corporate parties or even occasional parties make an extensive use of these disco songs. The dance classes, where new dancers are trained, also have spate classes for Disco dance.

These dance classes also make use of the world’s best disco songs for the training purpose. Easy availability of these songs has been another big reason for the popularity of the Disco Songs. You can find the best songs of the most popular singers at the music store nearest to your place. Beside, these songs are available on the Internet in large volumes. The listeners can enjoy listening to them directly from the Internet or they can download them and save them in their own system so that they can listen to them whenever they need or want. Thanks for spending your valuable time for top disco songs.

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