Best Techno Songs List – Top 10 Techno Hits – New List 2015

by Top 10 Songs and Movies List 2015 on July 25, 2014

Best Techno Songs List

Best Techno Songs List How to Prepare Your Playlist of Popular Techno Songs. Techno songs, an important part of electronic music came into existence in 1980s in Detroit in Michigan in the United States of America. During these 30 odd years, these songs have come a long way as far as the popularity charts are […]


Top R & B Songs List 2015 – Best RB Songs New Latest Music

by Top 10 Songs and Movies List 2015 on July 18, 2014

Best R & B Songs List 2014

Things To Know While Listening to R & B Songs There are many popular genres of popular music in various parts of the world but the R & B Songs are probably the most popular among all these genres and that is why people love to listen to them whenever they want to listen to […]


Best German Movies List 2015 – Top Good Movies to Watch

by Top 10 Songs and Movies List 2015 on July 11, 2014

Best German Movies List 2015

German movies- Rising High From The Past The origin of German movies is as old as the birth of modern cinema itself. The use of Bioscope in 1850s, Geneva drive, cinematographer Guido Seeber, etc in the early years of 19th Century are examples of technical brilliance Germans exhibited in cinematic development. Long before the concept […]


Top Chinese Songs List – Best Folk Music 2015

by Top 10 Songs and Movies List 2015 on July 5, 2014

Best Chinese Songs List 2015

Chinese Songs – Blend of culture and rock Music is the actual indicator of a nation’s cultural richness. Chinese music and songs have been etched to their tradition for more than centuries but today one can see the influence on globalisation in every aspect of the lifestyle and culture including music. From the aesthetic magic […]


Best Russian Movies List – Top Romantic Films – Greatest War Movies

by Top 10 Songs and Movies List 2015 on July 4, 2014

Best Russian Movies List 2015

Russian Movies – Rising from the explosive past Russian movies have been a true portrayal of Russia’s struggle for existence and its transformation to a new emerging world power. Russian movies are an asset to cinematic scholars as well as historians to study how life evolved during and after the world wars that the nation […]


Best French Movies List – Top French Language Movies

by Top 10 Songs and Movies List 2015 on July 3, 2014

Best French Movies List 2015

French Movies – For the love of cinema The genesis of world cinema and many of its popular movements happened in France and since then French movies have been known for their courage and aesthetic sense to depict various art forms to their audiences. Top French movies offer a rare collection of European cultures, locations, […]


List of Best German Songs – Top Germany Music

by Top 10 Songs and Movies List 2015 on June 29, 2014

Best German Songs List 2015

Know the importance of German Songs German established is a standout amongst the most performed music on the planet. Germany has an extraordinary set of musical authors which incorporate the mainstream Johann Sebastian Bach,  Franz Schubert, Ludwig van Beethoven, Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms, and Richard Wagner. The extraordinary musical drama arranger, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, made […]


Best Sexy Songs List 2015 – Top Latest Hot Songs

by Top 10 Songs and Movies List 2015 on June 8, 2014

Best Sexy Songs List

Get Naughty With The Best Sexy Songs It is rightly said that music of all types leave an impact on the soul, mind, and body of the human beings and that effect can be different for different types of music. Devotional songs can make you get religious sentiments and the sexy songs can make you […]


Best Funny Songs List 2014 – Top Comedy Songs – Kids songs

by Top 10 Songs and Movies List 2015 on June 3, 2014

Best funny songs list 2015

Enjoy Real Fun With the Best Funny Songs Human life is full of anxiety and that makes people run through the most serious moments. Everyday life is becoming quite mechanical where people lack sort of entertainment that is very necessary for the life. Good and healthy entertainment is a basic requirement of life and that […]


Best Rap Songs List 2015 – Top Popular Hit Rap Albums

by Top 10 Songs and Movies List 2015 on May 5, 2014

Best Rap Songs List 2015

Things To Remember While Writing Rap Songs Rap Songs are one of the most popular genres of English songs that are listened to from all parts of the world. The singers as well as music directors always look for the best rap songs that have an appealing factor in them. These songs are different from […]