Verizon to Offer Unlimited Data Plans for a Limited Time

Verizon to Offer Unlimited Data Plans for a Limited Time

Various media sources have been quick to report on the death of the unlimited data plan after AT&T announced the switch to tiered pricing. While the industry does appear to be heading in that direction, carriers still clearly understand the power of offering an unlimited option to draw in customers. Verizon announced their initial iPhone data plan for the first time today touting a $30 unlimited plan for those who buy an iPhone. This offer is designed to draw in customers who were grandfathered in under the initial AT&T data plan.

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The one catch potential new customers should be aware of is that the offer is only valid for the length of the new contract meaning that after the contract has expired, pricing will reset to standard tiers. The bottom line for consumers is that if you are currently grandfather in under an existing plan that gives you the option to renew, your best bet is to stick with what you currently have. If you are already on a tiered plan and have the option to take advantage of the Verizon offer, it would give you the chance to get in on an unlimited plan before they disappear for good.

New Plan Pricing

The elimination of unlimited plans isn’t all bad news! One advantage consumers can expect is a reduction in pricing for basic plans. Service providers are expected to follow the lead of AT&T and slash prices for plans that offer between 250MB and 2 GB of data transfer to between $15 and $25 per month. A 2 GB plan actually provides more access than most average users need in a month. Those who will need to carefully evaluate their current subscription levels are the ones who spend a considerable amount of time listening to streaming music or watching movies. One way to keep your data usage under control is to take advantage of the storage capabilities of your device and keep your music and movies on your phone, tablet, or laptop vs streaming each one individually.

Verizon Wireless Data Plans


The arrival of the iPhone 4 to the Verizon network has created a renewed buzz around the already popular service provider. Verizon has a reputation for offering one of the largest and most reliable 3G networks in the business. The network is rapidly expanding to provide 4G service for a variety of mobile devices as well. If you are shopping for a mobile broadband plan, Verizon offers several different options depending on what type of device you are using and how much data you use in an average month. Starting with the most basic plan designed for tablets such as the iPad or Android 3G is the $20 per month option. This plan provides up to 1GB of monthly data usage with an additional fee of $20 for each GB beyond the monthly allowance.

This package is designed for tablets and does not include a dedicated 3G mobile hotspot or laptop support. For $50 per month, Verizon has a plan that includes a 5GB monthly data allowance, includes a dedicated mobile 3G hotspot and supports the full range of mobile devices including netbooks and notebook computers. Upgrading to this second option carries the added benefit of a reduced $10 per GB charge for additional data usage after the monthly allocation has been reached. For those of you who are heavy internet users or spend a lot of time watching streaming video content, there is an additional 10GB package available for $80 per month. Each of the choices above requires a service contract.

Verizon Prepaid Mobile Broadband

If you prefer to pay for your service as you need it without getting locked into a contract, Verizon offers several prepaid mobile broadband access plans as well. Be prepared to pay a little more for the added convenience and freedom of operating without a contract. The first option is a one day access plan that provides 100MB of data for $15. For $30, you can extend that to a full week and 300MB of data transfer. Buying your coverage in slightly larger time blocks is considerably more economical with a monthly access plan with 1GB coming in at $50. A second and more robust 5GB package currently rings the register at $80.

4G Mobile Broadband Plans

The arrival of 4G service has brought with it 2 dedicated 4G data plans for USB modems. A $50 per month fee will get you 5GB of blazing fast mobile broadband service. Upgrading to an $80 package will double your monthly allowance to 10GB if you really want to make the most of your high speed connection. Be sure to check to make sure that 4G coverage is available in your area before signing on to one of these new plans. Both 4G options currently carry a $10 per GB rate for additional usage after your monthly limit has been reached.


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